Narrative Essay On Golf

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Have you ever wanted to be so good at something that it kills you not to be practicing it everyday? Well that’s how I feel when it comes to my sport golf. Last July is when I decided to endure in the extremely difficult and frustrating game of golf. Even through the ups and downs of trying to pick up a new sport so soon I’m glad I did because I had and indescribable and very memorable year. Competing at the varsity level and qualifying for state definitely made me want to continue to play this sport for many more years. After watching the U.S Women’s Open at the Broadmoor the summer going into my freshman year, I thought golf looked relaxing and simple so I began showing interest in the sport. My parents signed me up for many clinics and lessons. Since I used to play other sports in the past I figured I had enough athletic ability to become fairly good. Well I was wrong; it was the hardest game I have ever tried! Most people would think that it would be fairly easy to hit a little white ball, but they would be wrong. After a few clinics here and there and many hours spent on the driving range I still couldn’t quite figure out the sport. It became very frustrating because I wanted to try out for the high school team my freshman year but I knew I had no chance compared to the other girls who had been playing almost their whole lives. I was once told that hard work pays off and you will always be rewarded in the end, so I just remained patient, but continued to practice everyday and try to become as good as I can.
As the days got warmer and allergy season came around it was also time for golf season to begin. I had been preparing for these two days of tryouts all summer and winter long. Our task was to play nine holes a day and the top four scorers were the varsity players and the rest were junior varsity, but you could always move up or down in the standings. The first day went all right and the second day was horrible. It was cold and rainy and I did not perform well. After all the scores were in I had taken the sixth spot on the team. I was not very happy but I also wasn’t upset, I just knew that I had a lot of work to do if I wanted to move up to the varsity squad. As the tournaments went on I progressively started getting better. One day after I had won my first junior varsity tournament with a score of forty-four my coach told me that he wanted me to play in tomorrow’s varsity tournament at Eisenhower Golf Course. I was unsure about playing because it was known to be a very difficult course and it was so sudden that I couldn’t believe all this was happening. Even though our team did not win the tournament my coach was very proud of my score and after that day I never returned to playing in junior varsity tournaments.
Next came one of the biggest days of my life, regionals. This was the day that meant everything and where all the hard work pays off. Performing well in this tournament would advance me to the state championship. Fortunately the regional tournament took place at my home course, The Country Club of Colorado, so I had a little bit of advantage over the other girls. I played pretty good, not my best,