Narrative Essay On Literacy

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Literacy Narrative Literacy has been an important factor in my life; it’s helped me understand the creativity that one can put into their work, some of the hidden meanings in literature, and even relating to some works. Literacy is the ability to read and write, but you can’t just write something and be done with it, you have to understand it on a more personal level. Writing is sometimes deeper than words spoken. Literacy is deeper than speaking because of how in depth you can write certain pieces. Some people have the ability to explain things in a way no one else can, as if they were telling a story. But some of those people can’t speak what they are thinking because they could have “stage fright,” they get nervous and can’t talk anymore. …show more content…
An example of this is for jobs, the employees most in demand in the U.S have at least a two-year college degree. They need to be able to read and understand safety regulations and warnings so that they, and their coworkers, can stay safe while on the job. Literacy also has an impact on children. Before kids enter their first year of school, it is best for the parents to help teach their child how to read. Because having that ability at such a young age will help them while they are in school, they are more prepared. Having knowledge of literacy also helps when being involved in elections and political campaigns. A political campaign’s main target is informed voters, but how do they know who they are voting for if he or she cannot access written campaign coverage or even newspapers that cover the issues and ideas of the candidates? The importance of literacy is also crucial to economic development. Our economy is greatly enhanced when people have higher literacy levels. People with these enhanced skills have more options to educational and employment opportunities. In our rapidly expanding world, and all of the new technological advancements, it is essential that individuals expand their knowledge and learn as many skills as they can in order to keep up with the