Narrative Essay On Nightmares

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2. Nightmares

I have recurring nightmares.
In one of them, I am fleeing from the grasps of a blood-thirsty dementor as swiftly as lighting greased. The dark clothed demon fades from the sight of my doe-eyed lenses, disappearing like a thief in the night. An eerie silence erupts from the crackling branches and leaves me to peek from the corner of my eyes. The creature’s lifeless breath sends ticklish chills down my spine and sucks the narrow mind of nostalgia out of my heart. The shadowless phantom hovers over my once lustrous body; clenching its knife-like mouth into my debonair skin while it drinks the gushing, silver plasma.
The pearly ooze leaking out of my wounds have the strength to grant healing powers and life to a dying soul. This precious gift is the one that those dying mystical creatures savage after. An emphatic voice shoots a cry, “Aresto Momentum! Get away from her you ruthless creature!” Like the tragic timings in films, the spell wasn’t casted quick enough. I broke and tore apart until the layers of illusion were burnt away leaving what was left, a disheartened stone.
In another nightmare I am flying away-wandering- suppose you'd call it - through the nestling white clouds just beneath the rainbow. I’m on top of the world. The roses are in the blooming process, and I can hear the exuberant voices of the energized children buzzing through the park. I'm heading to the sky kingdom of Aliza, where there will be a feast of deliciously cream-filled deserts along with the background track of melodic jazz vibes, suavely making its echo around the feast table, and the…