Narrative Essay On Social Class

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My parents were born in the mid west in the late 50’s, early 60’s. From their life experiences, they have settled into a social class that has helped define my family today. Throughout my life in schooling, from high school to college, and going around the communities I have lived in, social class has always be an important part of my life. I have only recently truly realized where my family and I fall in the social class spectrum. My family background taught me the importance of saving my money for the things that I wanted, and to save for the future. My community showed me that everyone in the world does not have the same amount of money as the next person. My education showed me that everyone reacts to the importance of an education in a different way. Finally, my time this first year at Coe showed me that even though class in is an obstacle, it is not a dead end. The social class system may be a wall, but with the right equipment, hard work and dedication, it is possible to move past that. My dad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in the class of 1983, with the Fighting 4th Squadron. He then went on to graduate school to get his masters in engineering. He worked …show more content…
This is mostly because I never knew what social class was until I got into high school and learned about it in class. After I started to learn about it I asked my parents about how much money they made to figure it out. I only learned to find it without knowing income in my last two years of high school. In these years I looked at how we spent our money. By this I mean I started to pay attention to what we bought and when we ate out, and to where we ate out, and what kinds of vacations we took and looked at what activities they paid for. My biggest clue was the activities because swimming and karate are extremely expensive sports to participate in. Finally, I looked at were I lived in my