Narrative Essay On The Red Sea

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Days Like These

I ran to the bottom of the jetty, my feet taking to the air as i jumped into the Red sea. Fish circled me as plunged into the water, the splash soaked people around me. My eyes opened to the fifty meter drop below, the white sand bed, and bright fish, with beautiful coral in the background. Egypt was like no other place i had ever been before.
The sea felt thick with salt sticking to my hair and body, the sun lightened the sea giving out a sparkle to everything. The heat of the water gave a relaxing comfort from home, as it felt like a hot Scottish summers day. I swam past the brightly coloured fish, reds, oranges, pinks, purples, turquoise and more colours filled my eyes; as if it was an enchanted forest, were unheard of colours and fish lived.
I climbed out of the water, in amazement of what i had just experienced in the Red Sea. Scurrying along to our beds by the pool, falling scratching my legs on my way. Blood ran down my legs, but quickly jumping to my feet to tell my family what i had just swam in. They listened in, as if i was about to say they had won a billion pounds. we all walked back towards the edge of the jetty, leaping in behind each other. something had changed, the fish had gone. my heart started to pounding in fear of a shark, the blood running from legs mixed in with the water. trying my hardest it kicked my legs to get my head to the surface, pushing my body as hard as i could, i need to catch a breath soon. the water felt as if it was keeping me down. grabbing a breath, turned to see everyone was swimming peacefully, taking in the scenery. i paddled across to my mum, as we started to swim far out. looking beneath to see sting rays passing, fish as large as me and as small an eye also swam by. it was perfect, like a dream. looking into the holes and cracks in the coral life i spotting crabs and petit marine life, catching my eyes at every moment seemed to be a new species of fish and mammals as i snorkeled. we turned to head back. The life in the sea had seemed to have scattered. a few boats passed, leaving the view in front blurry from the bubbles and fuel. i kept swimming, hoping the would clear in a few minutes. i saw the edge of my mums luminous orange flippers, as they flicked through the sea. the bubbles cleared, i turned to my mum for reassurance, as i could see no sight of life ahead. turning my head to the left i spotted a grey shadow, double looking i saw it. a shark. a part of me died, my heart raced, as fast as ever, i could hear it bounding. i felt the blood heat, the feeling of bubbles inside of me. i grabbed my mums hand, pulling it, hard. my whole body moved, every limb shaking, my legs kicked as fast as they had ever kicked. i swam fast, i could have won the olympics i was swimming the fast, tugging my mum every few meters to make sure she was swimming along beside me. it felt as if i had been