Narrative Essay: The Path Around The Crimson Woods

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Ruby Claret, basket in hand, covers herself with her red cloak, given to her by her grandmother, and turned the key on the door. Despite her mother’s protests she decided to go see her grandmother after hearing about an illness that can fall to any that lives near her village, Oaksmouth. The Crimson Woods, rumored to be infested with eldritch and demoralizing monstrosities, has a path that would lead directly to her grandmother’s house. Taking a normal path around the woods would be a two day trip but she needed to check up on her grandmother immediately. Most people defined as ‘sane’ avoids venturing there fear of a rumored curse or sickness given to those who ignore the warnings. Walking the safe path would take hours but her grandmother …show more content…
“My Grandmother might be Ill and I would see if she is okay.”
Ivory, having nothing better to do, asked, “Well then could I join you on the way?”
“You may if you don’t delay my movement.” Ruby and Ivory walk the trail until the approach the Crimson Woods, they stop and hesitate before going in. “Is this safe,” asked Ivory, “I heard rumors about wolf with glowing red eyes with jaws that can eat a person in a single bite.” Ruby looks at the forest and pulls out her pocket watch to check the time. The tall towering red trees warning of danger. The groaning that comes within the forest as if the forest is in pain itself. Ruby doubts if this is a good decision to make then reminds herself it is for her grandmother.
She responds with “Yes, all the rumors spread about this place are just tall tales used to scare kids from going here alone. Besides, wolves are nocturnal and it is just past noon.
Ivory follows Ruby inside the forest walking behind her while observing the surroundings. As the deeper the forest they get into, the taller the surrounding trees seem to get. Half an hour passes and the crimson red trees seem to faintly glow in the moonlight and a sound resembling a heartbeat echoes through the forest. Ivory comes to a stop as he realizes how dark it has been since they entered the