Narrative Essay: Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

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After a long twenty-four-hour drive, we finally reached our destination; a city in the middle of the Nevada dessert, Las Vegas. My first thoughts when passing the red, white and blue flashing sign that read “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” were, “How in the world was anyone able to run water through pipes in the middle of nowhere?” We pull into a 7-11, one of the many gas stations to choose from at the entrance of the Las Vegas strip in a white, covered in dust ____ SUV. “Go on in if you guys need to use the bathroom, I’ll pump gas”, my brother in-law announces to my sister, her two children and I. I rip off my blanket and throw it to the side, and reach for my black Nike running shoes. I reach for the door handle, and open the door to what …show more content…
“Yeah, South Point is pretty far from the strip, but I mean it’s bigger, and has a pool, movie theatre, bowling alley, gym and restaurants within it, that way you guys have options for what you want to do at night while Jesus and I are out”, Alejandra states, as she clearly has everything carefully planned out for this next week here in Las Vegas. “Plus, I got a great deal for only, eighty bucks a night!” After making our way down the strip and seeing a McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panda Express and Walgreens at what seemed every other block of the Las Vegas Strip, we finally reach our hotel. An enormous two-shades of gold, twelve story building with a sizable parking lot and parking garage,with an analog clock right on the front face of the hotel. As we make our way to the check-in desk, we are greeted with the noise of slot machines, a man calling over the waitress for a beer for him and his buddies, angered people who just used up their last dollar for the night, and overjoyed people whose luck was much better than the those losing their