Essay on Narrative: Family and Aunt Barbara

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Tess Hotchkiss
English 101
15 November 2013
Never Drink and Drive
Boom. The news was delivered to me, and it was like smashing into another car at 100 mph. No getting out, and no looking back. I was in total shock when I heard the news, and I still can not believe what happened. It has been many years since the incident, but I am still greatly affected by it because there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my aunt Barbara. I used to have this idea that drinking and driving was not a big deal. It seemed like many people were doing it and it had never directly affected me. I quickly learned that a person should never ever drink and drive. I do not care if it is only a sip, I will never get behind the wheel of a vehicle or let someone who has been drinking drive me. The risks are just too great, and it was because of the accident that my mind was exploded wide open about drinking and driving. The risk is not worth it, and my aunt Barbara taught me that because she is no longer around because of it. I will never drink and drive or let someone drive me who has been drinking ever because of what happened to her.
My aunt Barbara was the dearest person to my heart. I had plans to live with her after I had graduated High School, and we had planned to go travel the world together. I have the fondest of memories with her and she was the biggest part of my childhood. I would always look forward to having her come into town, and when she was around I was her little shadow. I aspired so much to be like her. I remember the last week we had together like it was yesterday.
She was in town visiting her brother and she had stopped by our house to visit. I was so ecstatic because I loved my aunt Barbara so very much, and I had missed her a great amount. The

moment she came in the door I was wrapped around her legs enveloped in her presence. The scent of her perfume rang all these great memories through my head and put a giant smile on my face. I never wanted her to leave. We just hung out all day, we went to her favorite lunch spot where we ate fancy turkey sandwiches, with no mayonnaise because she hated mayonnaise, went to the movies and saw some science fantasy movie that bored my socks off, and even played mario kart for a little while. On the last night she was there we were making plans for the future and what we would do, the sights we would see, the places we would go, the places we would eat at, and plans we would carry out together later on, all while sitting on our green suede couch. We sat on our couch for hours just talking about life and the things we wanted for ourselves. She left her perfume scent on that couch, and I smelt it for days after she had left and sat in that same exact spot she sat in for weeks after she was gone. It was all so perfect, and that was the last week we would ever have together.
Soon time ran out, and she had to head back home to Chicago to go back to work. She would be returning to her soon to be divorced husband, my uncle Andy. He was very cruel to her and very abusive. He would verbally abuse and attack her, and she always found refuge with my family. Every time they had a quarrel she would call my family and try to find complacency from us and our words to her. She loved us very much and we loved her even more. Even though she