Narrative: Feeling and Grandparents Essay

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Victoria Dries
Essay #1
February, 25th, 2013
The Moment That Changed Everything Distress, astonishment and panic overload my emotions as I stared blankly into my grandparents eyes. I sat on the bed, the intense silence, and overall disappointment was felt throughout the room. All I could feel was numb, feelings of emptiness filled my body as my stomach dropped. My mind was fixated on one thought. Did that really just happen? What happens now? I tried to speak, words could not form to escaped my lips, only stutters. All I could do now was wait, wait for someone to say something, to say anything to obliterate the awkward tension that was dense as dried cement. This individual moment in time impacted my life immensely. The sound of chirping birds, the rays of sun, and thoughts of her woke me as I opened my eyes, for it was the day that marked one year since I asked my girlfriend out. With a smile beaming ear to ear, I rolled my body upwards, reaching in every direction while I enjoyed my morning stretch. Preconceived notions of how my day would transpire were already buzzing throughout my head. Nothing but positive feelings flowed through my body that morning because Jenna, my girlfriend, was heading over to my house to take me out on what she called a “brunch” date. Anticipation seeped through my body as I awaited for her inevitable arrival. I informed them that I would be having Jenna over and then proceed to go out to brunch. However, my grandparents had already notified me in advanced that their agenda for that day was rather hectic. I understood this as they were going to be out for much longer. Shortly after their departure, the ring of the doorbell blared through out the house, I knew she was finally here. It was now time to spend the day with the girl who for the past year has been making me feel like I could float above clouds and never come down. I opened door and saw her standing there. She was wearing a floral print dress, paired with a slim red vintage belt, along with her black leggings that flowed down to her beautifully lined leather moccasin style shoes. Promptly following her entrance we scurried up the stairs, down the hall, and into my bedroom hand in hand. In honor of our one year, I was submerged in passion; so, I told her I had written a song that I would absolutely love for her to hear. With that said, she was speechless, her blue eyes sparkled and all she could do was nod. I took my guitar by the neck began to strum, serenading her while conveying my deepest feelings. Almost immediately afterward, there was a beautiful sense of compassion and tenderness rushing through the room. I placed my guitar down and she pulled me into a warm embrace. She moved slowly toward me and softly pressed her lips on my cheek sweetly. All we could do was smile at one another, generating an sensational connection unlike any I’ve felt before. Because of our affixation on each other, we failed to hear the sound of the front door closing. My grandparents came home early from errands they were supposed to be running that morning. Due to the fact that my grandparents purchased a bagel with cream cheese to surprise me with, they felt the need to come up to my room. They started their journey up the stairs, and at this point, we had been exchanging small, soft, and sweet kisses in on my bed for quite sometime. Before we had the chance to stop, the door to my bedroom opened. There, in the doorway, my grandparents stood. A harmless “Hello, we’re home,” quickly escalated to