Narrative fiction profile Essay

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Gerard Scot Johnson
9/9/14 Art of Fiction
Narrative Fiction Profile

1. What draws me most while reading fiction is really what I think draws most people. Our imagination can come up with anything and everything. Fiction can’t be wrong or right it’s just whatever you make it and reading fiction is sort of peering into the creativity of someone’s mind. Recently I’ve been reading the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and besides the epic fantasy adventure and crazy descriptions of just about everything, what I love the most are the loveable, relatable, and just badass characters. Getting to know a character from a story is key for me. If I can’t relate or at least feel like I know a character than the story losses its uniqueness. That’s what’s so amazing about fiction writing! It allows the writer to create amazing characters that readers can relate to and love. This is what really draws me in and enriches the story.
2. When crafting a fictional writing piece I’d imagine you should begin with a base. By base I mean something that your ideas can build off of. For example a character, a place, a genre, or a story type. Then, what perspective will the reader see your world? Through the main character’s point of view? Through multiple character’s points of view like in “Game of Thrones”? Or will it be narrated in third person? Each point of view completely change your story by keeping the reader aware of certain things and unaware of other things. Past that I