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Red Slime Fishing Getting up at four in the morning with my dad and trying our hardest not to wake my mom and sister, but still get ready is really hard, especially in a small house, but it’s all worth it for a day on the lake. Being super quiet and putting my favorite Columbia PFG shirt on and dad grabbing the case of water we had bought for our fishing trip. I grabbed the keys to the truck and boat, and locked up the house on my way out. On the walk to the garage the slightly cold breeze made me shack a little, and made the trees shock a little causing some leaves to fall.
Getting to the boat inside the garage my dad threw the waters into the back of the boat and started to help me get all of the fishing gear into the boat. We made sure to bring the right fishing poles, since last time we went fishing we brought the salt water rods, and our whole day of fishing was ruined. Once we got all of the gear packed and ready to go, I helped my dad hook the trailer to the truck. We set off for the lake driving through some old dirt country roads, the dust was kicked up making it seem as if we were going a hundred mph but in fact we were only going about thirty five mph. Coming up to a little general store with a single gas pump at it, we pulled in and walked inside to get some gas, while inside we both bought a cup of coffee because of the cool breeze outside. Paying for gas and the coffees, we walked to the boat and started to fill her up, once she was full we jumped into the truck and waved good bye to the man inside and took off towards the lake on the ole back roads.
While arriving at the lake I had to unlock the gate to get to our favorite boat launch. My dad drove down to the launch after I opened the gate up. Closing the gate behind him so that no one would trespass, I locked the gate and took off towards the water and launch. I could see that the water was perfectly still making it seem as if it was just a plain of glass. My dad was already backing the boat up into the water, just before the boat was set free from the trailer I jumped on and grabbed a robe and tied it to the back of the boat. The boat neared the dock and I jumped off and onto the dock tying the rope onto a pole that was on the dock so that the boat would not float away. While I was doing all of this my dad had pulled the trailer out of the water and had drove up a little on the dirt road that lead to the boat launch and parked. He then walked back and jumped in with me and made sure we had everything before starting up the motor to let it warm up.
After a couple of minutes to check the gear and letting the engine warm up a little, we sat down into our spots. With my dad driving the first thing he did was give the engine full throttle rocketing us from the dock out onto the lake, it didn’t take but a few seconds for the boat to get up to eighty mph. A little ways down the lake I started to get a little cold cause of the wind and cold splashing water drenching me to the bone. We where almost all the way to our favorite fishing spot, when we shut down the main engine and put the trolling motor in the water so that all the fish would not get scared off by the loud noise of the main motor.
Finally getting to our spot, I got the rods out and give my dad’s his. The first things we did was find out where all the fish were by looking for when they hit the top of the water eating the little bugs at the surface. I casted out where I thought the big fish would be, for the next thirty minutes the only thing that happened was that a little turtle swim over to an old log that floated at the surface. I thought of how peaceful it was out there on the water, just the sounds of little waves lapping against the side of the boat. The cool weather felt very relaxing while I listened to the fish break the surface of the water. I thought to myself that one day I would love to buy a house and a small piece of land right off the water just to feel like this every morning. We…