Narrative: Food and Grandpa Doubted. Essay examples

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The Most Difficult Meal Many years ago, when I was a little boy about four years old. But I can still recall all the impossible things clearly.It was a muggy afternoon, I was in our cozy apartment alone. My parents were not at home, they went out for work. I was extremely hungry, I found every comestible stuff and ate it; however, those were just a little even not enough for a small boy. In that difficult situation, I tried to find a way to make myself full. There were thousands of methods went through my mind. Suddenly my “light bulb” appeared on top of my head, “That is such a brilliant ideal.” Then I was running into the spacious bedroom of my parents. There was an old matt telephone standing on a high nut-brown table. It was too high for me to reach it.Therefore, I needed to go grab a chair to stand on, with that I finally reach the phone. Can you imagine how funny a four years old boy stand on a wood chair trying to reach to phone? In the end, I picked up the phone and called my grandpa. “Who is that?”Grandpa doubted.“Grandpa I am your grandson, I am half perished with hunger. Could you come to my house and cook for me?” I said with my cute childlike voice.Then my grandpa answered yes in shock, he did not know why I was able to call him, I was just four years old at that time. About fifteen minutes later, a harsh sound came from a door knocking. “Oh, grandpa is here, grandpa is here.” I acclaimed. However, an obnoxious problem appeared at the same time, I