Narrative: God and Lazaro Justiz Critical Essay

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Lazaro Justiz
Critical Writing
Kratos, Harbinger of Chaos
In a time clouded and engulfed by Chaos and war, one man goes against the odds of time and space to complete the impossible. He’s served under the Gods of Olympus to be forgiven of the monstrous deeds he has done for his master and to erase horrible frightening memories of his past. Used and manipulated by a certain God, he’s committed atrocities all across Greece, murdered his loving wife and daughter, and got a name that the world that no man, maybe even no God can ever forget. This man is willingly determined to accomplish his goal that may seem impossible to mortals in their eyes, he’s on a quest for the mystical Pandora’s Box that if found can grant him the power to kill a God! His name is Kratos, a Spartan who is one the quest to kill the God of War and complete his revenge!
Kratos has been a rightful aid to the Gods, doing favors and great deeds for them since the day he regrettably gave his life to Ares and was manipulated by the crazed war God. Before his time to serving the Gods of Olympus, Kratos was once a very powerful general to massive army of Spartans. One fateful day, the Spartans would get into serious battle with the Barbarians to the west; they plunged onto the Spartans as if they were plague sent by the Gods themselves! The Spartans were heavily outnumbered, almost entirely massacred, and on the verge of losing that battle. Kratos was locked in heavy battle with their leader and he too was on the verge of losing his life, and that’s when he made a decision he would soon come to regret for the rest of his life!
“Ares! Destroy my enemies and my life is yours.” yelled Kratos to the heavens.”
Standing over Kratos laughing and feeling victorious was the unruly Barbaric Leader of the Barbarians “Not even the God of War will be able to save your pitiful life, puny Spartan! Prepare for your trip to the next world!” snarled the repugnant barbarian.
As he lifted his battle axe to prepare the final blow, a loud thunder clap is repeatedly heard through the clouds, the clouds began forming an opening where a very large figure can be seen descending from them. At first sight of this figure, it left Barbarians paralyzed and scared from their heads down to their knees, with faces formed as if they’ve seen Hades himself before them, but it wasn’t Hades who them afraid to this level of terror. The figure was 16-feet tall, with glowing hair that was brighter than hellish wildfire, on his armored chest plate was an image of furious lion that had eyes that glowed brighter than the sun itself! This figure, was known to every man and woman who ever was on the battlefield, for this figured craved on the aspect of War, out of the heavens came Ares, The powerful God of War! As Ares touched down and landed on Earth, he carefully examined the battlefield and his eyes became fixed on Kratos.
“You Spartan, I have heard your prayers and indeed take favor in you and your Spartans. Bow before me to assure that you are loyal to me with arms spread wide. As Kratos obeyed what his new master commanded of him, Kratos felt a burning sensation on his arms, the blades of chaos, a trademark weapon to all who serve Lord Ares permanently have these chains burned to their fore arms, but receive great power. After the blades of chaos were burned unto Kratos, with a clap of his hands, Ares released a fiery shockwave of hell blaze across the battlefield and the all the Barbarians except for their leader was burnt to down a crisp, blown away with the wind, and with a wave of his arms, Kratos sliced the leader of the Barbarians head clean off his body!
Henceforth since that day, Kratos would be bound to doing the God of Wars bidding killing those who were against the…