Essay on Narrative: High School and Gabe

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Tales of Gabe Once upon a time in a faraway land called, Honolulu, there lived a young boy named, Gabe. Gabe has lived here all his life and was quite the introvert. He made only a few friends and went about his days as carefree as one could be. However, those days ended as he transitioned into high school, a place where many big decisions are made, decisions such as whether to take AP classes and college/career paths. This marked the point where the quiet little Gabe began to change, both physically and mentally. This new Gabe started to become more outspoken and began to tease others. This enormous change led to new found understandings about Gabe. We begin to see that Gabe loves to dish out jokes and make fun of people but when the tables are turned he just would not take a joke. This attitude started to turn Gabe into somewhat of a bully and this led to a development of his arrogance as well. Fast forward a couple of years and it’s now approaching the end of Gabe’s high school career as a senior he learned many things and had various experiences but some things do not change like his attitude towards some people such as the ones he teases. Now we begin to see more prominent changes for instance his open bullying, before he would just have some small back and forth banter with the individual but now it became strictly one-sided. Another instance is the arrogance, before he would just ask about others’ grades but it turned into something he could use as an insult. Now high school ended and Gabe moved onto college, He is still the same Gabe that we described in high school however the majority of his group of close friends left the beautiful paradise, Honolulu, in the pursuit of a better education. This left Gabe with only one friend who decided to stay as well. Luckily for him, the one friend that stayed also decided to get the same degree as him. The first semester of college Gabe took all the same classes as his friend but that was to be expected because nobody wants to be alone if they can help it. So the first semester flew by and the second semester came and left just as quickly as the first which concludes