Narrative: High School and Girls Essay

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I knew moving to a new school would be a challenge but I never imagined it would be this difficult. To ruin a special friendship and to do everything possible to hurt that person is not acceptable. High school is a extremely important time in a youth’s life, it should not be put at risk by jealous girls. Therefore forgiveness plays an extremely important role in ones high school.
It all began when Sarah moved to Beachwood, a new school and completely new community for her. Beachwood is a high class area, you don’t always getting the most grateful people. It is very rich and some of the people can tend to be snobby. Sarah spent her summer days at home just waiting for school to come along. She hoped and hoped she’d meet friends and she wouldn’t be so lonely. She wanted nothing but the best senior year.
As she walked into school for the first time the first thing she saw was “The Pack”, three gorgeous girls who she admired because of their beauty and hoped that one day she would be like one of them . Sarah was determined to become friends with these girls but at often times was shunned her off, her feelings were hurt and she was going to make them be her friend, at least she was going to try,
Sarah started to harass these girls in every way possible just so the girls would run back to her and ask for help. She spread rumors about one another to the other girls, she said, she said.
“Did you hear what Nicole was saying about you last night? She thought you were being so stuck up” sarah stated. “Oh my god, she said you looked hideous and that you were flirting with everyone and really no one wants you”
Tia exclaimed “Did she really?! Wait until Anne finds out! I cannot believe she would do that, we were supposed to be besties.” You could tell that Tia was upset and easily angered.
The girls were starting to hate each other because of the things Sarah said they said about one another. Sarah tries to break the girls and their boyfriends up by trying to hook up with them. Sarah approached Chad, Annes boyfriend. “Hey bae, I love what you are wearing today, you look really good and I bet you would look even better by my side.”
“That would be great except I am dating Anne” Chad proclaimed
“What Anne doesn’t know won’t kill her” Sarah flirtingly said as she kissed Chad on the cheek.
They exchanged numbers.
She planned to tell the pack they guys cheated on them. Sarah even stooped to the level of stealing their tests and changing all of the answers so they would begin to fail.
With all the rumors being spread about the three girls, they decide it was best to no longer be friends. Afterall, the whole school was talking about them. The girls are now single, failing school and friendless. Sarah couldn’t be happier because they girls are coming to her for help, clueless that she is the one ruining their lives.
The parents of the three girls, receive a call from the school counselor regarding the drama going on.
The counselor says “I am calling in regards to your daughters and some occurrences with drama they have been experiencing lately, I think it would be best if we could sit down and discuss exactly everything that has been going on.”
The parents respond, in a group conversation, “That it would be great to meet, and stated that they were clueless to any of the drama going on”
The parents decide after talking to the counselor that it would be a good idea to sit down and get to the bottom of things. The girls invited Sarah to come and reconcile and to meet their parents during the decision to forgive, they talk and cry to one another.
“How could this happen? We were great friends.” the girl sobbed.
After seeing the girls cry and face one another after all this drama occurred, Sarah admitted and