Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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Jas Kaur
September 26, 2016
Mrs. Smith
My Cultural Identity.
Cultural Identity can be expressed in multiple ways than just one, so many factors playing into it a Cultural Identity. You have a cultural identity, I have one, the man down the street has one. Oh that guy you liked back in middle school? He has one too. Everyone has a cultural identity. From where they grew up, to their traditions, their language, their ethnicity etc. There are so many key factors to cultural identity, today I will be talking about mine. My culture is like henna, a tradition, passed down for years. Henna, a drug, that couldn’t be removed from our blood for centuries. First time my family had moved to Fairfield from Napa, I had been so persistent on going
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I’m always asking my mother who kindly speaks to me in our sweet language explaining to me what is happening in the ceremony. My punjabi, middle eastern or desi or whatever label you’d like to give to my ethnicity, it’s always glorified for its clothing, jewelry, food, language, ritual or even it’s traditions. Even the parties we attended our always complimented from the highly over decorated palace with colorful drapes hanging from everywhere. Most people don’t know the true meaning behind any of it, the traditions, the jewelry or the clothing, thankfully I am being taught the right way. From the deep satin cloth that’s decorated with detailed gold embroidery, brushing against the toes of the women whom wears her queen like attire. From her satin dress to the designs that are stained upon her skin, persistent on not leaving at all showing that her husband loves her. (In our tradition there’s a myth we believe in that the darker your henna comes out, the more your husband loves you). Even with her hands are beautifully detailed, she always must finish it off with a diamond tikka on her forehead that makes her seem like a beautiful young butterfly ready to blossom into her new life she will soon step into. The clothing, the traditions, the jewelry everything passed down from generation to generation that’s so addicting, it cannot be taken from our …show more content…
When I was young my uncle had taught me how to play basketball, as I grew older I was taught how to play volleyball. I’m from the smooth leather ball that feels so good under my finger pads, and sting of the ball when it lands on the inner side of my arms. Not only am I from the volleyball that has limits and bounds, but from basketball, the leather ball that pounds against the floor, or from the sweat that drips down my forehead as you anticipate the next play. Besides sports I’m from the action packed, yet the sappy love stories that Bollywood movies thrive on, from the hip bumping music to the love songs that are glorified. I love to travel and take photos, to keep as memories and to know what I went through, to show and represent the beautiful moments I got to live, and keep reliving them when I see those photos. At a young age I soon adored to read, my first book series being Harry Potter, I loved it, and I feel in love with reading. I love the feel of new books, the scent they have, like a new package that had just been wrapped, or to the dusty smell for the books that have been lonely sitting on a shelf, untouched. Even though I cannot live up to everyone’s expectations in the community or family, it makes me want to rebel against everyone because I want to be my own person I want to be able to say ‘I am me.’