Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglas As An American Slave

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Although Frederick Douglas did not go to school, he could stand amongst a crowd of geniuses you blend in perfectly. His mind was brilliant, and many marveled at the fact that he was a slave and he was so intelligent. Therefore, he wrote “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas an American Slave Written by Himself” to prove his identity while shedding light upon his memories as a slave. Frederick was born in Talbot county, Maryland to Harriet Bailey, a black woman. It’s know only through speculation that his father was his white master or just a white man. This is how he identified himself as a mulatto. Frederick’s recollection of his African American mother is rather vague due to him being taken away from her as a child, which was a commonly practiced custom. Douglas feels as though they were being prepped for slavery mentally from a young child. The slave owner stripping them of their mother’s served of no purpose, but to take the one person that would naturally nurture, care, and watch after them. After been taken away from his biological mother he went to stay with his grandmother Bailey for 5 and a half years. While he was in her care, his mother would travel by foot at night because she had to be in the fields by sunset. When she did make these seldom visits, very little communication took place. She’d lie down with him and by the time he was awake, she was already on her way back to the plantation. Frederick’s first master was Anthony. He was