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I Joined DCI

This is the story of when I joined DCI. What is DCI, you ask? Well, DCI is an acronym for Drum Corps International, and only the Brass and Percussion sections perform in front of thousands of fans. When I joined, I was a senior in high school, and my band director, Mr. Wells, told me that he received an email which stated that there was a spot open for snare drum with a DCI Open Class group. I then managed to get in touch with the Percussion Instructor, Michael Curyto, and he sent me an email that stated “I need you to send in a video of you performing some rudiments and a short solo”. This was now my time to shine.

The first video I sent was of me playing what’s called “Eight on a Hand”, then “Sixteenth Note Grid”, and finally a short snippet of “Africa Hot”. I waited anxiously for the news, when finally it came: “Raegan, I would like for you to join our DCI group, and travel the country with us to perform”. In that moment, my summer changed, and now I was finally going to live my dream. June 3rd. Move-Ins: I had my bags packed, kissed my girlfriend and my parents’ good-bye, and I drove to the move-in location, which was at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. The first morning was terrible; we had to do Physical Training at 6:30 AM, and that made me so sick I honestly thought that I was going to pass out, but I managed to keep going and make it through. At about 7:30 AM we had what was called “Sectionals” where each section would split up and learn the show music. 9:30 AM, we joined back up and learned the marching drill, which was the most intricate drill I have ever learned. 12:30 PM, we went back to sectionals for an

hour, then spent the rest of the time…