Narrative Pairing Presentation: Assignment Goals Essay

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Narrative Pairing Presentation Target time: 5-6 minutes Overview You and your partner work together to:  Prepare and submit your outline to Turnitin  Prepare, rehearse, and record your presentation on Tegrity  Each pair will only prepare and submit ONE copy of the outline, and ONE recording of the presentation—decide which partner’s name the assignments will be submitted under You work alone to:  Do and submit your peer critique on Angel Assignment Goals Construct a 5-6 minute presentation that combines two major communication approaches: the narrative sense (as discussed in the lecture “Narrative Paradigm”) and the traditional rules-based informative speaking format (also discussed in lecture, and the textbook chapter “Speaking to Inform”). This assignment is done with an assigned partner. Together you will collaborate on this presentation which combines the essence of these two approaches. The topic is the pair’s choice, to be approved by the instructor. The final presentation will be a single recording, uploaded to just one of the partner’s Tegrity account, with both partners on the screen. Assessing Your Partnership We know from experience that almost all students manage to work together in small groups and teams, and get the job done. Many even have fun doing it. Career life, for better or worse, also requires partnerships of one kind or another, so learning to work with strangers is a valuable skill to master as early as you can. Have every confidence that your partnership will be a great one! Dumping a Deadbeat Partner All human interpersonal relationships require adjustments—that’s life. Almost always bumps in the road and frustrations work themselves out, and everything is fine in the end. However, in rare cases it can happen that an assigned partner does not participate at all. If you judge that there is no way that will change, at the halfway point of the assignment prep time (i.e., week 8) you can choose to have your partnership dissolved, and to continue working on your own to complete your presentation. You will be solo, of course, but you may feel that in the end you will be better off, with no dead weight to drag you down. You will get your partner assignment in lab during week seven (10/2-10/5). If by the next lab meeting during week eight (10/9-10/12), that is, after one full week, you elect to continue the assignment alone, without your partner, simply give your instructor a brief written request during the week eight lab, asking to have your partnership dissolved. If your instructor approves, the divorce will be granted, so to speak, and your partnership is instantly and officially over. Both you and your former partner will then be working alone, completely separated, preparing and submitting individual presentations and outlines. End of Project Partner Assessment All students will complete a short three-item assessment (grading) of their partner at the end of the project. You give this simple three-item form to your instructor in lab during week nine (10/14 – 10/19). (Print out the form found on Angel in the “Narrative Pairing” folder,

fill it out, and bring it with you to your discussion lab meeting in week nine.) This allows your instructor to see how each person followed through with their obligations, and if they did their fair share of the assignment work. If one partner failed to fulfill his or her obligations, a downward score adjustment may be made for that negligent partner. Importantly—we are not looking for minor imbalances or squabbles or evidence of other “normal” human frictions and imperfections. If that were the case we’d all get zeros! Rather, this is your chance to seek redress for major flakiness, failure to follow-through, failure to produce promised work, and gross negligence. Assignment For this presentation, each pair will come up with a presentation topic. The topic must be:  Engaging & Lively - Your personal interest or passion is one ingredient that will set the