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Courtney Garrison
Professor Chris Godat
English 1101
26 August 2013
The Fight of your Life
Every once in a while in life we get faced with unexpected battles. Whether it be illness, work, family, or even school. And most of the time we feel like we don’t have the strength to overcome these battles. You experience strength that you never knew you had when you get faced with unexpected battles especially when dealing with an illness. You are never prepared for words that could change your life forever. She was not prepared for what the doctor was going to say but when she heard the word “cancer” she knew it was going to be a long fight. All of the family insisted on coming to the hospital just for a procedure that was so simple. As the family was all waiting patiently in the waiting room a lady in pink scrubs came out announces “Joann O’Kelleys family”. As we all stood up not expecting the terrible news we were going to get. The nurse says “It’s worse than we thought the cancer has moved into her lymph nodes and honestly there is not much we can do”. We all looked at her and said “is there any way she can overcome this ”? The nurse looked up at us with little to no hope on her face and said “There is a 20 percent chance of survival”. As the nurse left we all stood there at a loss of words as we are think to ourselves what are we going to do?. Phil, her husband went in to see her and tell her how much he loves her. When he walked in she was sitting there with the most beautiful smile on her face and said “I’m going to make it, I am not going to lose this fight”. Phil looked at her and proceeded to say “You’re stronger than I ever was and you can beat this”. A few days later Joann made her way to the hospital to have a double mastectomy. As she was waiting to be taken back she had the best spirit and showed no fear. The nurse walked out “Joann O’Kelley” she said. Joann stood up and said “That’s me, let’s do this”. The