Essay about Narrative: Physician and Dr. Gurd

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At the age of 12 I had been told that I have Scoliosis. It’s basically a deformity of the spine in which instead of it being straight it was curved in the shape of an “S.”
It is also genetic, I had gotten it from my dad but his scoliosis fixed itself, mine wasn’t so easy. My mom had taken me to multiple doctors and then one had given me a brace to wear while I was asleep. I had to wear it every night and I could only sleep without it once a month. Then I was referred to a doctor named Dr. Gurd, he had looked at my x-rays and told my mom surgery would have been the best option. He had referred us to his son, and he did my spine surgery. It took some time to get it all planned with the extra things like MRI’s and blood work; but I finally was able to have my surgery in 2009. The nurses got me all prepared and then Dr. Gurd came in to talk to my mom and I. He made sure I knew the rules for after my surgery, I wasn’t able to twist or bend and I couldn’t lift anything heavier than 5 pounds. They put an I.V in my hand and then they brought me into the surgery room. When I fell asleep they told my mom she could leave now that I was asleep. She looked at me and notice that my eyes were open some. She told them that there was no way I was asleep if my eyes were still open. Well we can just say the nurses made the bad of pulling my eyelids down and then proceeding to say “See, if she wasn’t asleep we wouldn’t be able to do that.”
My mom didn’t like that at all, she told me that she started to freak out and cry because she felt that if a doctor does that then the patient is dead. But after the surgery was over I woke up with a tube down my throat and I didn’t like that I didn’t have my robe on when I woke up so I tried to ask