Narrative: Pregnancy and Gabriella M. Flores Essay

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Greatest Reward
Gabriella M. Flores
ECPI University

Greatest Reward
Waiting alone in the cold chair, I was about to receive the news that would impact my life forever. The moment of truth, contrasted sharply with my first visit there. I broke into tears suddenly, of disappointment and fear. I sat there quietly in shock, as it struck me. A child was growing inside of me, making me its mother. Standing up and walking away each step felt painful, as I left the room.
Teenage pregnancy is a crushing reality that many young woman are faced with. During the next nine months my life slowly began to change. Having no knowledge or family support I was left stuck. Alone throughout my entire experience I was forced to become an adult. With passing time my situation only seemed to get complicated. Knowing that I would be faced with such a life-changing experience at the tender age of sixteen was extremely scary. I had to learn how to be a mother, while staying true to myself and standing up against everyone that questioned my decision.
Abortion was pushed powerfully by my parents. In a Catholic home where it was frowned upon, I could not understand why the alternative was given. Abortion was not the pathway I wanted to take. It was against my morals. As I entered my second trimester, the doctor informed me and my family if abortion was an option, time was running out. The Appointment for termination of my unborn child had been set.
I arrived at the clinic for my last visit. The doctor prepared everything for the procedure. Before they could administer the anesthesia, I stood up and said I could not go through with it. The medic was incredibly impolite and in no uncertain terms told me I might as well do everyone the favor of killing the damn thing. Appalled by the doctor’s response I slammed the door, walked out in just my robe, I never saw the doctor again. Owning up to my responsibility, I decided to keep the baby and raise it on my own.
Months passed, my due date was approaching quickly. Feeling nervous and scared I questioned if I was ready. One night I began experiencing excruciating pains. As I got up to reach for some meds a giant splash fell from me. My water broke, I was in labor. Soon I would be holding my prince.
I began to plan and prepare for the baby, without the help of my sons father. Being a teen mother was hard enough, but raising Karson alone made parenting that much more challenging. As my baby boy got older it did not get any easier. I had made