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Spook What happens when we die or Is there life after death? There are many questions like these that doesn't have an answers but has many beliefs. Some religion say that we become soul, some say we got to either hell or heaven, some say we take another birth in other word reincarnation. The book called "Spook", that I researched on also talks about after death and it is about what science has to say about it. The author of this book is Mary Roach. She grew up in a small house in Etna, New
Hampshire. She wrote many books like Stiff, Packing for Mars, Bonk and Spook. Out of them the one that I liked is Spook. It's a non fiction. In this book Author Mary Roach investigate the possibility of an after life and also attempts to find and define the soul, all while using a scientific approach (web). And she also researched about reincarnation and tried to communicate with the dead. Spook contains all the elements of scientific study, religious implications and terrified humor. Mary Roach attempts to track down the scientific and philosophical explanation in

order to prove or disprove the existence of after life. "Spook" is less about figuring out what science says about the afterlife than it is a celebration of the wide, occasionally crazy spectrum of human pursuit (NY Times). The question of whether there is life after death does not fall under the authority of science, as science is concerned only with the classification and analysis of sense data. There's no concrete proof about that there's an after life. But still there are many beliefs. People can be very passionate and stubborn about their faith and religion so they believe that after death they go to heaven or hell or they take another birth. Many Religion such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism believes in immortality of the soul that there is an after life. Souls that are saved goes in heaven and those soul that are unsaved goes in hell. "I want them to know that heaven is for real "(Burpo and Vincent). Despite the overwhelming lack of evidence , people still believe in heaven and hell. "Simply because religious experiences are brain-based does not automatically lessen or demean their spiritual significance. Indeed, the findings of neurological substrates to religious experiences can be argued to provide evidence for their objective reality" (Clark). People make those believes or believe them because they are scared of death or they don't know what happens when they die. So they make something up to ease their fear. They are afraid of the consequences after death.

Also, the Paranormal activity has caught the imagination