Essay about Narrative Response

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Tierrah Bonner
Dr. Jim Richey
English 1310
June 15, 2014
Narration Response:
In the video, N. Scott Momaday says, “If it’s the right kind of explanation, it will remain your mind. And in your head.” I found the explanation he spoke of in the Dialogue section of my book. See, I’ve always had the most trouble with dialogue while writing narratives in my past. This assignment allowed me to learn why: one is not supposed to use real talk while writing as it weakens the story. By using dialogue the correct way, I will become able to recall a real conversation without having to give a word for word playback. Narratives are brought to life by way of dialogue, however, over-repetition of words and phrases will present a narrative similar to a bag of chips that have been left out too long: stale and unappealing. Simply put, I must learn to paraphrase if I want to keep my readers engrossed in my writing. Previously said, dialogue animates narratives which allows narration to recreate action. Action is an important part of any body of written work to me as a reader… I will quickly dispose of a piece if the plot has nothing interesting in it.
Another bit of information I found useful in both the chapter and the video can be found in the portions discussing conflict. Momaday’s claim that conflict delivers the tension of the narrative that keeps readers interested is very true. Conflict allows the reader to use their imagination and become part of the story by making up personal plot lines or imagining what they, themselves might do if they