Essay about Narrative: Rihanna and Library

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Statement of Intention
This story has an orientation, a complication and a conclusion in it. This story was written with the purpose of informing and entreating its readers of how a library can be a cool place to go to even if you didn’t think so. The language used in this story is descriptive and the story is structured in a way so that it isn’t hard to lose where you are up to. The directed audience is one who would enjoy a short and entertaining story that isn’t too hard to read. It is directed towards a younger audience perhaps teenagers or younger. This story would be published in some of book consisting of short stories for young people to read or perhaps online on a website consisting of short stories.
My only thought was escape by any means possible. My mother was standing behind me with her arms folded so I knew it wasn’t an option, she wouldn’t let me leave. Even on the off chance that I got lucky and I made it out of this hellish place I’m sure she would hunt me down. She is like one of those tracker dogs that the police use to hunt down wanted criminals except my mother doesn’t need a piece of my clothing or one of my possessions to get on my trail there is no hope for me she can hunt me down to the ends of earth. So I guess my best option is to look for the book that I need for school, the sooner that I get it the sooner I can leave my own personal hell; the library.
I begin my search for the book that I need I don’t exactly remember its title but I remember the picture that is on its front cover. I’m sure that if I see it I will know remember its title, it would have to be on the front of the book anyway.
I venture deep into the library trying to avoid the eyes my fellow students who I have made fun of for spending time in here. I realize now that maybe being mean to all those kids who spend their recess’s and lunch times in here instead of out on the oval probably wasn’t my best idea, they are all glaring at me with hellish stares that make me feel that they want me dead and honestly I don’t really blame them. I can see that the one of the kids that I have been picking gin for about the last year is getting out of his seat to walk towards me. Each step he takes means that hellish glare is getting closer and I do not want that. I quickly bolt further into the library away from the kid that wants me dead and into unknown territory.
I have never been this far in the library before, I mean sure I have been in the library before but only for lessons in school that have been in the front half of the building. I have never been this far back though all of this is new surroundings and I have to admit I’m kind of impresses wit what they have done here. They have tried to make each individual isle of the library reminiscent to each type of book on their shelves. If they had put this kind of stuff up at the front of the library then I’m sure that they would get a lot more kids that are like me in here.
I am trapped in awe looking at all of the books and displays that have made in here for library when I don’t notice that the power chord that is lighting a magnificent planet earth chandelier is in my path. I trip over it and fall to the ground knocking out the only source of light I have. I take back what I said earlier I still don’t like this place, now more than ever. I mean seriously who lets a floating planet earth be the only source of light in a room which is otherwise dark, not pitch black dark where you can’t see your own hands if you were to wave them in front to your face, I’m talking about that creepy kind of dark that they use in horror movies.
I can see these dark bodies rising from the horizon of shelf 12 directly in front of me I have