Narrative Rough Draft Short Story

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Narrative Rough Draft 2 Once upon a time, there was a boy and that boy was was me, and I was having the best time of my life. My dad let me play baseball, and I was four years old. I was so excited that I couldn’t hold myself back that I was so excited to hit for the first time. I got up to the batter's box. My coach tossed the ball to me I swung and I missed. He tossed it to me again I swung a miss again. There was two strikes. My coach tossed once more and I got this feeling to rip the ball and I swung and I jacked it as I dropped my batt running to first base. My first base coach yelled “Run,run,run go to second!” I felt the adrenaline running through my body as I was headed for second. I could here all the people in the stands yelling …show more content…
I waited in the dugout and waited and waited and waited. It felt like a 1,000 years before my next turn up to bat. I could already see the lace of the ball being ripped by my bat. I could once more smell the adrenaline running through all of my body. I was in the field and someone hit it straight to me and I got the ball and threw it to first base and we got the runner out. The next time another person hit it to me, but it got past me. I made a fist because I let the ball get past and he got to first. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything on the team to win. My coach once told me that it is not about being better than the other team, it’s about being better than yourself. I got confidence back when the next person the next person hit a pop up to me and I caught it. That was the third out, so we came back in. There was still a couple people ahead of me before I got to hit again, but then they flew by fast. I was already up to bat and I was ready. I got to the batter’s box and I swung at the first pitch and I jacked it. It rolled to the outfield I ran to first and my adrenaline went through seven roofs when I was running to second. I was running home and I slid and I was safe for the winning run. The best part was