Narrative: Taos High School Essay

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English 101

Graduating High School without applying oneself to school work, or looking forward to the future, was for myself, and is for many other people a great negative factor for getting started on a positive, and productive outlook on life, toward a better future. The negative effects from not paying attention, or simply not applying oneself in the early stages of life, follow us around, and have made many aspects of life more difficult for myself and many others. For example, learning to read and write is a great accomplishment. Now learning to read, write, and understand what it is you have read, think critically about what you have read, this is a real great accomplishment and something to be very proud of. Here are some of the things lack of interest allowed myself to miss out on, as a young adult. Learning to read properly, understand what had been read, and asses, or think critically about what had read, and written. Unwillingness to learn these abilities, as a young adult created a greater distance from reading and writing as I became an adult, and into adulthood. For many others as well as myself, lack of interest , or application in reading, writing, and arithmetic has posed some of the greatest difficulties later in life as an adult. These life skills ultimately affect our ability to perform important skills or duties in life. For example, if our ability to read and write is poor, our ability to find good quality jobs decreases by a great margin. Filling out job applications, applications for assistance, or anything that requires extensive reading or writing, our interest level decreases if our literacy skills are poor. Often applications will never be completed, will never be submitted and as a result, our inability to get good quality gainful employment.
The Taos Municipal Schools in the early 1990s was a great opportunity for each and every student enrolled, whom was willing apply themselves. However many students whom did not apply themselves to do the necessary