Narrative: The Da Vinci Code Essay

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Undoubtedly, the most defining moments of our lives happen in the most surprising ways. Whether your first baseball game as a kid uncovers your love of the sport, or the first time you helped your mom cook a dish reveals your passion for cuisine. You may not realize it that second, maybe you won’t realize it for days or months, but when you do the importance of the moment will nestle itself into your mind and open up the door to opportunities you had no idea you were capable of. In my life, I’ve experienced many “life-changing” events, but more recently, there was one that immediately opened my eyes to future possibilities I had never imaged before.
I was sitting on my friends bed, staring at the mess composed of books, unwanted receipts and letters, and random misplaced garbage when I got a little curious. At its highest, the sun was shining directly through the cracked window and I noticed a sparkling, blinding reflection at the end of the ray of light. I look over to see what it is, and I see a book long since touched. Konrad still hadn’t come back into the room, so to kill some time, I reached over and picked it up. The front cover read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Intrigued, I flipped the book over, and read the summary on the back. Well, I have already finished the series that I was reading, and I know I’m gonna need something to do when I’m laying in bed unable to sleep again.. At that moment, Konrad walks back inside, and eyes the book in my hand.

“That’s a really good book. You should read it, the ending is so cool. This guy is about to find out who-” “STOP! Why would you tell me to read it, and then blurt out the ending?”
“Sorry! I won’t say anything else, but seriously read it!” Without a doubt, the most defining moments of our lives happen in the matter of minutes. Without realizing it, I had opened the pages of a chapter of my life that would define many years to come. Every night when I go to bed, I lay under my covers and scroll through the self-absorbed, narcissistic and egotistical statuses posted on my FaceBook posts. When I was younger, I always loved books. That’s all that I would do, day in and day out. Books were my favorite. During middle school, came a time in my life when I got sucked into social media. I began to lose touch with the text on the pages that took my mind off of everything that happened in real life. At that moment, I realized how important this really was to me and I decided that I need to get back into literature and indulge my brain to this blissfully peaceful fantasy that I entered every time I picked up a book. So that moment, without knowing it, defined the rest of my life. Now although The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is labeled a fiction, all the data and facts are based off actual research that’s been done for thousands of years. The entire genre of the book is based off of Art, History, and Religion. It tells a story of a girl who loses her grandfather in a murder, and is left a puzzle to solve, that could change the future of the world forever. Embarking on a what is seems like endless mission, she seeks the help of an unlikely ally who guides her through the entire experience. Entwined into the story of a girl fulfilling her