Narrative Therapy and Reflecting Teams Essay

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Leanne Snyder MFT5105: Reflecting Teams/Narrative Therapy Week 8
Northcentral University
Dr. Asha Sutton
March 9, 2015

When we look upon Narrative Therapy, we look at the person rather than the problem. This means separating the problem from the person or family. Narrative Therapists believe that people are the solutions to their own problems or issues. They also believe that people are special, and can find the answers to problems or issues that they are experiencing.

In the video, “Escape from Bickering,” Dr. White interviews a family that has multiple issues with their son and daughter. Mike, the oldest, is the identified patient, as he has been locked up for a while in various group homes for setting fires since he was
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Everyone felt comfortable and liked their comments. The purpose of the reflecting team was to get additional feedback to add more than just the therapists’ viewpoints. The team had many suggestions for this family to grow more and to help their son to develop his own protesting skills. The team continues to comment on how Mike’s loyalty and Debbie’s organizational can develop these skills. Without actually having a reflecting team within a practice, one could possibly have other therapists in the practice meet to discuss their viewpoints as a team meeting. Another way might be to have the same therapists for that team meeting, to meet together and watch the session from another room with a one-sided mirror. However, first get the permission of each member of the family, so that they feel more comfortable.

As social constructionist therapists work to stabilize, normalize, and create an acceptance, Dr. White did exactly that as he created an atmosphere of helping the family feel comfortable, accepted, and listened to. This family felt as though each of their feelings matter no matter what they were talking about. Dr. White focused on the strength of each individual; especially the fact of Mike’s loyalty to his friends, and as well as Debbie’s organizational skills as she learned how to be more organized as she matured. Dr. White uses Mike’s good loyalty and