Narrative: Walking and Single File Line Essay

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Follow the leader It was a brisk autumn day the leaves were slowly changing from a brassy orange to a neutral brown, signifying a long winter coming. The wind was harsh, slightly blinding me with strands of my own hair as I struggled to walk without tripping. Another day, another migraine, I muttered under my breath. As In other words, just a regular school day. The doors creaked due to its rusty hinges as the same classmates walked through the same green doors at the entrance. As I entered the school, I heard the 6th graders having their vapid conversations with one another. I had no interest in their nonsensical conversations. Yet the sound of their voices echoed through my ears as I passed by. Becky, did you catch The Weekenders last night It was the bomb You saw how cool it was right Oh my god. a girl asked her friend. I know I was in the sixth grade once, but did my voice grate against anothers brain the same way at that age I took a deep breath to compose myself as I continued down the hallways to class, the smell of gym clothes and sweat emitted from the green and blue lockers made my nose cringe. Like everyday, I held my breath as I passed by. I finally reached the classroom and a blue door with a scratched window in the center stood between the classroom and me. I opened the door and as usual, classmates were already lining up for our 20 minutes of Daily physical activity, also known as DPA. We hurried to form a single file line, hoping Mrs.Kuphos would quickly let us out of the classroom. I walked to the back of the line where my friends were and we waited until Mrs.kuphos would decide to unlock the door. I looked back, and she was opening and closing all her drawers trying to find her whistle. Mrs. Kuphos, never leaves the classroom for DPA without her silver whistle. She ended up taking the longest time trying to find her whistle since shes always misplacing it. I did not care whether we go out for DPA or not, I was too occupied with socializing with my friends. Found it she announced. Mrs.kuphos then squirmed her way to the front of the line and finally unlocked the door. We quickly exited the classroom as fast as possible to the outdoor to be free from studying in the morning for 20 minutes. I met up with my friends from the other classes, and I was only able to talk to them for 5 minutes before Mrs.Kuphos blew her silver whistle, demanding attention from us. I looked at her and said goodbye to my friends while, I dragged my feet to where she was standing, hoping she would dismiss us soon so I could back socializing. We surrounded her like a pack of wolves, hungry for our freedom. Kids, Ive decided to try something new today. Since I see a lot of children sitting around on the portable gossiping during DPA, no physical activity is done. So Im taking you guys to the park she said happily. I was not content with her decision as I rolled my eyes. I wanted to knock some sense into her. Then she said, All of you have to walk in a single file line while we are walking in the park. I could not believe what she said. She wanted to ruin our fun during DPA and I thought she was being outrageously strict compared to the other teachers who actually wanted their students to socialize and have fun. Hurry up she barked. Even now, I can still remember her nasally voice calling out to us. I heard my fellow classmates complaining while we formed a line. I knew at that moment, I probably could not go back to socializing anymore. In the line stood Damon, who was a tall lad that laughed at everything and Derek, the shortest lad in our class always had a smirk on his face like hes planning in a prank in his head. Both boys were the class clowns, and Mrs Kuphos always had trouble dealing with them. Yo, lets ditch, said Damon to Derek. Yeah Shes not going to notice anyways because shes MRS. KUPHOS. Derek replied The plan was quickly being passed down the line and everyone agreed to it, even me. Except Nora, who