Narrative Writing: My Experience Of An Unforgettable Adventure

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Unforgettable adventure.
"Hey, how are you? I am really happy to see you. It was thousand years ago when we had met last time."
"Yeah, I am excellent, but where were you all this time?"
"Because of you, John, and that man everything changed! I returned back from the Korea only a week ago. I am grateful to you for making my dream come true and now I am living there. So, let's have dinner in the place where the magic happened to us."
"Okay, it will be wonderful, Jane. How did you guess that I want to eat? By the way, I want to thank you for everything too."
"Oh, I forgot to introduce to you my boyfriend Jim."
"Nice to meet you, Jim. I am John."
This conversation means a lot, as Jane and John were ONE. They enter to the restaurant with evening wear and the atmosphere was suitable for a heart-to-heart conversation as well as to remember the unforgettable experience.
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"I think I know what you talking about. Jane told me this story. However, I still do not know details," said Jim.

"It was 5 years ago when we were in our twenties. I think we met in the concert of BTS. "

"Yeah, John, you are right. I think it happened to us not by chance, because you and me took exactly the same ticket for the same place and I spilled my drink to you."

"It was so sticky everywhere and I was so mad at you." "After this conflict we decided to visit this restaurant," said Jane.

"It was expensive restaurant, if we back to that time, as we were only students. I still can not understand how we ended up there and got stuck in this situation too," said