Narrative of My Escape from Slavery Essay

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Narrative of My Escape from Slavery
Moses Roper

This book is about a slave with a half-white mother and a white father. He was born in North Carolina and missed death in the first few days of his life. His mother's mistress wanted to kill him because he was the son of his mother's slave master. She went to his mother's room at night with a knife but his Grandmother saved his life. Not to long after that he and his mother were sold. When he was about six or seven years old his mothers old master died which lead to all the saves being divided between the children. He was sent to his father's wife's brother-in-law; this separated him from his mother. The way they were divided was that different names of the slave's were
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He started going toward Lancaster where he knew a few slaves there. His intentions were to get some food from them. When he reached there some dogs there caught his scent and the master came out with rifle and apprehended him. He was sent to the Lancaster Gaol where Mr. Gooch's sons came and got him. They chained him again to the horse and made him walk along side them on the horses.
At the plantation he was giving his worse torture to date. He was tied to a very long rope that was attached to a horse that walked forward raising him up into the air. Mr. Gooch would beat him whiles he hangs. Gooch gave him a five-minute break and then repeated the process. Then he was thrown into to a small coffin sized box for about ten minutes. He was then given 40-pound chains to wear for his actions. He stayed with Mr. Gooch for along time with no attempts in escaping.
A year after that he was sold to a man named Marcus Rowland. Mr. Rowland used him as a servant that greased the faces of blacks so they can be sold. He and the slaves he was with were treated kindly and fed pretty well. Since that he was the master's servant he made sure that the others slaves were dressed well and taking care of.
He was then traded for a female servant not to long after. He fell into the hands of a very mean man named Mr. Register. Not long after he escaped from him and traveled very far to meet a man with a steamboat. He gave him six cents to take