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my most vivid memory as a child was meeting my Father for the first time. It all started when my mothers father passed away she had went on a trip to Tennessee so go to his funeral. My father had seen my Mother and her friend walking down the road and stopped to ask her where I was. My mother had left Tennessee when I was 2 weeks old and never returned so I grew up thinking my Stepfather was my dad, boy was I wrong! My mother returned home to tell me that Christopher was not my Dad, I was heartbroken and very confused. I did not understand what she was trying to tell me I had no clue, I was a lost little girl with no one to go to for support. She turned to the bottle as she always did every night, I felt her hand before I realized she was on a rampage once again screaming and yelling at me, telling me I better not tell my Father what my mother had put me through. Why would I? I had never met or spoke to this man she now called my Father. I was lectured for a few days abot then do's and don'ts as I did every time somone new was around.

Tandy (mother) yelled at me to tell me that my Dad was on the phone and to get my ass into the room to talk to him. I was more scared then than I had ever been in my life shaking in fear of my mothers wrath if I said something out of place. I do not remember most of the conversation between me and the man named Keith that I am being told is my Father, but, I do recall that he had purchased a plane ticket to come and meet him, and all of my other family members. The first stop he thought would be easier on me wold be going to Atlanta, Georgia where she was stationed with the Air Force to meet my aunt Becky then coming up with her to meet him. I was a little more at ease knowing tha,t hoping it would be a bit more stress free .

I received a package in them mail from my Aunt Becky it contained a portable CD player , Hootie And The Blowfish CD, and a blue sweat suit. I was very ecstatic because, well lets just say I had…