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Narrative Paper

Narrative Paper
I never believed in love at first sight; that kind of fantasy only happens in fairytales; not in the real world. Fairytales only happens to fictional characters in a romance novel, or a love story playing on the movie screen. Let me set the scene, Boy admires a girl from across the room, their eyes meet and it was love at first sight, hard to believe; but it happened to me.
Once upon a time, ok maybe not that straightforward; but close. My fairytales began; one cool January morning, the air was chilly and blustery. While sitting on my Aunt Emma’s porch, in a modest town near Jackson, Mississippi I met a man that I believed he was sent from God. I wanted to go inside, but something electric was keeping me from leaving the porch. I yelled to my daughter, please bring me a blanket. My aunt surrendered to the weather and went in doors. I wrapped myself up while admiring the beautiful countryside that surrounded me. I exhaled and sunk deeper into my chair.
A man’s voice from the near country road greeted me with a good morning, I replied good morning. He then asked if you could approach the property and I said yes. He approached the property and introduced himself. His name was Christopher and he inquired if I was visiting or just relocated to the area, I felt an instant connection almost like we had met prior to today. After communicating for sometime he looked deep into my eyes, took a deep breath and said; someday you are going to be my wife. Most women in my situation would have run; or scream for help, but I didn’t.
Christopher stood 6 feet tall, stocky built and had an invigorating smile; in summary he was very handsome. He asked if I believed in God and I answered yes. He quoted a scripture from the bible “with man this is possible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. He then stated that he is not crazy, but he knew I would be his Wife someday. I was shocked but attentive listening to every word he said. After listening for some time, I turned and said to him in a very shy tone, you knew nothing about me, and I knew nothing about you. He continued telling me more about his life and the path he choose to get closer to God. He was born and raised in Mississippi; his parents had passed away at a very young age and he was raised by his grandparents. Later that evening he invited me to dinner in the hope of us getting to know more about each other and I agreed. After dinner, we talked and talked for hours; for the next three weeks of my vacation, we didn’t leave each other sides.
After I returned home from vacation, Christopher and I dated long