Naruto 1 Essay

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Naruto, Produced by Masashi Kishimoto; who is also one of the great anime/manga illustrators. He has brought many fans worldwide for his manga/TV show by many others, who still keeps up with premiers. Which bring the viewer to an indecisive choice of how they are wanting to view it. In comparison it all depends if that person is more of a visual person who portrays what their reading in there head or just watching it. Both are similar by presenting an attention grabber, a huge visual arts entertainment, and brings a way of life into the illustration and manga.
Watching Naruto is on a whole other level rather than reading the manga. It has everything played out just as in the books. Of course it doesn’t have action words and punch lines like comic book format. It is more of, if you want to see how everything is playing throughout the chapter or episode you’re watching. Rather than reading the manga which is comic format, with squares to follow the reading. When watching the anime you also have a choice of subtitle or English dubbed. Which means either you hear it in Japanese and read, or you hear it in English. After a certain amount of seasons it is now subtitled only. One valuable aspect of having to watch in subtitle is you could honestly pick up on some Japanese since their saying it and you’re reading it. While watching you have many different ways that would capture attention of others including I in the entertainment point and educational factor.
Reading the manga on the other hand has a lot of different things which a dedicated manga fan would love. First off it isn’t like any other…