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Responding To Pop Culture The Pop Culture I decides to select is the show ''Naruto''. For so long I've had this infatuation with any pilot or storyline that wasn't of the norm. I have an uncompromising condemnation for repeated ideas and story lines .Thats why I'm so extremely impressed by Naruto.this show is strictly creativity,in ''Naruto'' theirs always fresh new stimulating pilots and storylines.Theirs so many characters,with such unique and unexpected abilities.
The story is about a adolescent boy named Naruto Uzumaki,thats always in pursuit of acceptance,his life long dream is to become Hockage,the acknowledge leader of the village.Together him and his friends go on missions and develop into first-class Ninjas.
The greatest thing about naruto is that the storyline is so diverse. people that like different genres of shows & movies can always find something they like about ''Naruto'' whether they like action,drama,romance or comedy they can find something in this show that will catch their attention.The only imperfection of ''Naruto'' is the Airing Times,new episodes come so mysteriously and are so unpredictable,it could take weeks up to multiple months
Something about naruto just resonates with me like no other show.Theirs a certain sensation I get when I watch something I really enjoy on a exceptional level and I get that feeling 
when watching naruto. I can always see how much effort was put into bringing it to life
Even on the Naruto video games the…