Naruto Stater Essay

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Hollowed blue oculus orbs stared idly at the setting sun as it graced the heavens in shades of oranges and reds. The wind caressed the earth like a lovers embrace, cooling the soil beneath him from its day in the sun’s wrath. Sprawled in the dirt, his arms and legs spread like that of a snow angel lie Katsuro. His chest heaving and his lungs pumping dramatically to claim life into the young boy with thundering gasps.

Katsuro felt his lean muscles straining against his tightly rounded skin and knew he would be left ragged like a doll on the earth floor for another hour tops. His nerves ending twitched uncontrollably causing severe pain in his combined joints. Sweat drenched his forehead and his nearly bared body as the essence of his musk sunk into the graces of the soil, giving it life.

Katsuro body was bruised and battered with oval shaped patterns that cloaked his mid frame and the small of his back. He was grateful he hadn’t been hit in the face this time but it was evident that he had made progress. Four. Katsuro thought to himself as he stared fondly at the now dark heavens. He let out a blissful sigh that caused him to go into a fitful cough, raking his body in blinding pain as he shuddered and squirmed. It wasn’t until he felt the trickle of liquid running down his full lips did he realize he might have a bit of internal bleeding.

His limbs were shell shock from the thrashing and overhead within the great oak trees hung a series of strung heavy duty logs. Twelve rounded spears of death and he had only manage to dodge four before the entourage clobbered him and rendered him unconscious for god knows how long. They came from all different directions, the triggers on them anonymously sending them soaring at his blinded begin.

A week ago he hadn’t been able to dodge any of them which left him in the medical center full of annoyed doctors and assistants. He had a visit rate of 24/7 and it had begun to annoy him that they knew him by name. He moved his head from side to side fighting to stay conscious so he could at least try to yell and scare off any animal that might come to take advantage of his ragged body. Even the training areas was dangerous at night and he had to choose today to venture further into the woods so he could practice his renowned taijutsu. Even now he could hear the growls and the grunts of the things that go bump in the night.

Mayhap today would be the day that his stubbornness finally gets him killed. With what strength he had left he grunted and forced his way onto his stomach which caused the already shaky world to wobble the fight to stay conscious. The effort of his struggle to move was evident as his lungs once more heaved for air. He cursed. Now he was in a worser predicament than he was before. Katsuro was now faced down his back exposed and his blue orbs unable to track the movement of the weald. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. Katsuro soothed in his mind as he forced his self to