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Objective: Complete NASA application
Status: Rough draft – Not yet completed
1. Roles:
a. Errand Monitor – Celestina and Soukeyna
b. Time Keeper: Sarata and Garrell
c. Presenter: Me
d. Leader: Tamara and Isaiah
e. Recorder: Karon and K’Wan

2. Timeline: Sept. 26 by 12 pm **Add year here

3. We will complete this by breaking up into smaller groups:
a. Q1: Why are you considering entering a team in the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition? What will define success for your team?

We are entering a team in the 2015 Robotics Competition because FIRST Robotics reinforces our values of teamwork, self-initiative, self-confidence, and diversity. Through FIRST, we will grow as independent problem-solving citizens. We will measure our success by: the number of alumni who chose to s of alums who major in science, math, engineering or technology (STEM) fields in college; the number of mentor relationships we build; the number of students who receive internships in STEM fields; and the competitiveness of our robot.

b. Q2: A. Explain the relationship you envision among your students, faculty, and community partners as part of this year's FIRST Robotics Competition experience, i.e., how your team will be organized to facilitate interaction among these groups.

A core mission for our team is to develop more positive relationships between Detroit youth and American society. We want our team to change the stereotypes surrounding Detroit youth by showing that we are strong and creative enough to surmount any challenge. To accomplish our mission, we have begun building relationships with our neighboring Universities (Wayne State University and University of Michigan), our facilities department, and private organizations that sponsor STEM programs like (Nvidia and Ford Motor Company).

Currently, our entire team is organized to create and develop relationships with Detroit students, university faculty, and local community partners. In January, the team will subdivide into content groups. Then only one group will be chosen one group willto focus on community outreach and building positive relationships. This group will be selected based on each student’s demonstrated ability to share our story and network.

B. Describe how you envision these groups working together and benefiting from their involvement with FIRST Robotics Competition.
A partnership with our team would not just benefit Detroit students and communities, but it would also unlock numerous internal and external/marketing benefits for our partners. Specifically, our FIRST team would provide a platform for our partners to develop, train, and motivate local, college bound students (or a sector of the a local workforce) through exposure to applicable STEM studies at the high school level. Many students become deeply interested in science and technology as a result of this program and go on to pursue it during college. Consequently, a local high school like University Preparatory Academy, would be a great place to recruit future employees. In addition, most teams have advisors that come from a variety of backgrounds. This helps to facilitate intercompany collaboration between our partners and our growing list of sponsors due to the diverse technical advice needed to construct a fully functioning robot. Furthermore, the leverage our partners bring will help Detroit gain legitimacy within the Michigan robotics community and also provide our partners a platform to make a transformational impact in STEM education.
Additional external and internal benefits for our partners are listed below:
Creates partnerships between institutions and high schools
Allows institutions to directly impact student education
Enhances critical employee time management skills
Fosters creativity and team-work
Provides student run-robotics demonstrations for corporate meetings and events

c. Q3: FIRST Robotics Competitions provide high school students with many unique opportunities, but because of the nature of the