Nat Turner Rebellion

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Amir Olmos
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7th April 2015
Nat Turner Rebellion During the early 1800’s, slavery was an integral part of Southern life. One of the bloodiest and most prominent events occurred during the time of slavery was the rebellion led by Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia. Nat Turner was considered intelligent and possessed abilities such read and write which made him become very important between others slaves. Nat was the leader of one of the most famous revolt in the United States. Southampton area was covered with several slaves who had reached resistance on their owners holding harsher responsibilities such work land and household. Many plantation owners and farmers though that owning slaves was a status symbol because it was a common activity to use slaves as a work hand. I believe that the most important reason violence was not an appropriate response it is because slaves were threatened according to their behavior and their work on the land. Nat Turner was inspired by the words of God.
First of all, one of the main reasons on why many people complained about slavery system was because slaves did not have freedom. They felt used. Most Virginians used to allow a few slave schools to operate and allowed certain churches giving slaves special privileges such as holidays off and opportunity to be with families in the evenings. Virginians argued this would be the best way to prevent rebelliousness from black slaves. But at the same time this enforced slave behavior with military guard.
Second, in this event whites did not use violence against slaves at all. Another reason is because white communities started imposing rules against black slaves after Nat turner revolt which caused many white deaths. As a result, a large among of free blacks and slaves were murdered and killed because the crime they committed against their owners. That is why I believe slaves should not act negatively against whites because they were threatened right.
Third, the last reason I believe is based in Nat’s vision which he believed were signals sent from God. The revolt itself was produced by following certain visions that