Nat Turner's Rebellion Research Paper

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I find it very sad how many lies we have accepted as truth over the years.
So much of history not taught or even spoken about, or outright changed to support a certain people's agenda.
I don't even like to get into it because you can't change people's minds.
It just breaks my heart seeing people fighting all the time over false information, and fires being flamed from behind the scenes.
I do not want a political conversation, so if you're bothered by this, just keep scrolling please.
It just really hurts my heart seeing the deception, brainwashing, distraction, etc. I hate seeing people I care about (no matter what side of issues they're on) having the wool pulled over their eyes.
I'm pretty much a centrist, so I'm not endorsing anyone...but
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Let's not teach that, though, because too many white people were killed then... And too many brown and red-skinned people remained free.
So what happened? Andrew Jackson, the one that started the Democratic party (and owned many, many slaves), took a few thousand men to war against the native Americans. After the Seminoles lost over 23 MILLION acres of land, at least 4000 of them (that hadn't been killed) were forcefully moved to Oklahoma to a reservation, and made to depend on the government to provide for them. Oh sure they were named one of five civilized tribes, but they weren't the savages he would have had one believe in the first place. They were thriving.
Oh...and gun control started with the agenda to disarm black people so they wouldn't have a way to defend themselves against the KKK. And when they started gaining power, it was the Democratic party that decided to give "just enough" to get votes, but not enough to make a difference... Every good part seen was actually a ploy to get votes and keep the power. Like Planned Parenthood being started to exterminate all the "weeds". It wasn't just black Americans and Native Americans though... But all immigrants and poor people. All
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"Progressive" is just a nice word for social control.
Between my Seminole ancestry, my beautiful mixed children, and my Lord and Savior...(not to mention poor upbringing)... I have so much reason to hurt when looking at these events.
I may be a Bible believer, and I may be very conservative in my values, but the basis of all that Jesus taught is LOVE.
The earliest secular science books that included evolution in our elementary schools taught that white Europeans were the most civilized, and farthest from "our ancestors" - monkeys. The Bible in no way supports inequality.
So please understand that believing in the Bible doesn't make you a racist or any other horrible thing. Being a republican or conservative doesn't either. And neither does my blonde hair and blue eyes.
Being a human, with a flawed heart, is the only thing that causes all of the injustice in the world. I don't care what one believes, what their political standings are, or anything evil heart is an evil heart, no matter how it presents itself. There is a spirit of division that has been running things for so long, and it needs to be stripped of the power we have allowed it to have. Why do you think the flames are always being fueled? Because there's too much power in