Nate Saint Essay

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INTRODUCTION In 1955 Nate Saint, a missionary pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship along with four other missionaries set out to bring the gospel to the hostile Auca Tribe of Ecuador. These men had a huge task ahead of them. The Auca tribes were known as hostile, violent and murderous that had experienced very little contact with the outside world. Their desire to reach the Aucas with the love of Jesus Christ was a brave one. Nate Saint along with these other brave missionaries accomplished something that most Christians aspire to do; they lived and died for Christ.
NATE SAINT CHILDHOOD God perfectly matches a life path to each personality He creates. This is very obvious when one looks at the life of Nate Saints. As a young boy
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Mr. Saint’s sister Rachel Saint established a home among the Auca Indians. The tragic event of her brother’s death didn’t stop her but rather intensified her desire to take the gospel to them. Nine years after the death of Mr. Saint and the other missionaries the Gospel of Mark was published in the Auca language. Rachel Saint understood that her brother had begun a work in that tribe and she was not going to let his labor be in vain (I Corinthians 16:58). The Auca tribe was able to eventually see how God was using Nate to reach their tribe. The Auca Indians realized their mistake in killing the very men that loved them enough to bring the message of Jesus Christ to them. The Auca Indians were able to accept the message of Jesus Christ’s love for them, because they were able to see the message lived through the life of Nate Saint and his willingness to give his life to bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ. (John 3:16). Nate Saint’s son Steve wrote: “I have personally paid a high price for what happened, but I have also had a front row seat as the rest of the story has been unfolding for half a century. I believe only God could have fashioned such an incredible story from such a tragic event,” he says. Because those five men were willing to die, everyone else in the tribe had a chance to