Essay on Nation and State and the Confusions That Can Arise

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Nation and State and the confusion that can arise
A world in which boundaries are ever moving and countries are uniting and separating to form individual nations there can be difficultly coming to a precise decision on what constitutes each and often they become an amalgamation and used in generality without any exactness to the references implied.
A nation is when a group of people share an identity. Different factors contribute to create this common identity shared. Factors can include anything from beliefs right through to the way we look. The definitive word is culture, the way in which people identify themselves all stems back to their culture. Things like their language, religion and lifestyle patterns form to make a cultural identity that groups a collection of people. However the issue lies in what people class as a culture many people have disagreed on the exact definition whether it has to be a certain size whether you must all share a race or language or simply live in the same area as each other.
A state is an area where sovereign jurisdiction rules. Where everyone within the boundary must follow the set rules and all are equal under them. It refers to a collective political area an example of this being the United Kingdom where although formed by different countries they are communally governed by one body that controls the protocol for all of the different regions.
An Organic community is an agreed precedence which refers to the fact that we all instinctively feel a greater kinship and belonging to a nation, one that will far out way any ties we may have to any formed state. We feel an urge to be part of the collective and feel familiar with who we are with. This may also stem from the