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National Care Standards –care home for people with mental health problems

Standard 15.4

States that if you are using any medication a staff member have to give you that medication eg. injection. This is going to be put into you personal plan and is going to be done in privacy to respect your dignity.

Standard 16.5
States that you can discuss your needs with a person that you trust. That should be done in private and the confidence should be kept.

Standard 16.7
States that to maintain your dignity any intimate physical care or treatment need it will be done with respect and in private.

Standard 16.1
States that you have control over who is coming and leaving your room and that your door will have lock, but the staff can open them only in emergency situations.

Standard 16.2
States that the staff will always knock the door and wait to be invited into your leaving area.

Standard 16.3
States that you will have secure space provided in your living area for your personal belongings.

Standard 8.2
States that you will be provided choices that are available for you while you leave in a care home and that specialist advice or independent representative could also be provided.

Standard 8.3
States that you always will be giving time that is needed to make your choices without pressure.

Standard 8.6
States that you have a choice to use home staff or you can employ your own worker or personal assistant.

Standard 9.2
States that a risk assessment will be done and that you can incite any one you wish to be involved. It also states that at the end of the assessment you will receive a copy of the report.

Standard 9.4
States that you can use an alarm system to call for help in emergency situations.

Standard 9.5
States that you’re safe from any intruders interrupting your personal time as anyone who want to enter the building needs permission.


Standard 17.1…