National Collegiate Athletic Association and College Football Essay

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In Buzz bissinger’s article “why college football should be banned” Bissinger and author Malcolm Gladwell argue in favor of a ban on college football. The core of Bissinger’s argument is financial: athletic departments annually dump millions of dollars into football teams at the expense of university students and other athletic programs. Bissinger also talks about how college football exploits athletes who don't benefit. Bussinger claims the sport is too dangerous and costly. Skyrocketing coaches' salaries are obscene. Athletic departments are losing money. Only alumni and boosters benefit from football. And finally, students don't really benefit at all. Bissinger’s writing gets at some serious issues with college football and raises some fantastic questions, but it ultimately misses exactly how important the sport is to academic programs at universities across the nation.
Being a student athlete I know college football is dangerous. It also has outrageously climbing salaries and costs. But it does benefit students, communities, student athletes and is a part of American culture. It impacts college life just as much as theater, music and art. And it is a choice athletes such as myself have made, to use our talent this way and that spectators pay to see. College football mirrors society, where there are work risks. In this case, the work risks are injuries. Governments also overspend and overpay and society has many programs that do not benefit everyone all the time. College football also provides scholarships and education to many underprivileged young men.

In the article “do college sports affect students grades” Author Megan Greenwell argues about whether