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1852- Crew race between Harvard and Yale was the 1st intercollegiate athletic event in the US
1864- William Wood, 1st “coach,” was hired by Yale crew team
1895- Big Ten Conference was formed to create student eligibility rules
1905- Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the US (IAAUS) was formed to make football safer to play
1912- IAAUS changed its name to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
1929- Carnegie Reports= Identified many academic abuses, recruiting abuses, payments to student-athletes, and commercialization of athletics
1966- Creation of the Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for women
1971- Became Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW)
1973- The current three- division system, D1,D2, and D3, was created to increase the flexibility of the NCAA in addressing the needs and interests of schools of varying size
1989- Harris poll found that 78% of Americans thought collegiate athletics were out of hand. Knight Commission was formed, prompting the NCAA membership to pass numerous rules and regulations regarding activities, academic standards, and financial practices
D1- Is the category for institutions that are the somewhat larger football- playing schools, which must maintain certain attendance requirements
D2- Awards athletic scholarships but on a more modest basis than Division 1. Usually financed in the institution’s budget like other academic departments
D3- Does not allow athletic scholarships
Career Opportunities- D3: Coaches are usually part-time, or if full-time have other responsibilities
D2: Athletic directors may sometimes also coach or hold an academic appointment
D1: athletic departments usually employ a large number of associate and assistant athletic directors with specialized responsibilities
Most athletic programs are NOT profitable.
In 2006 – Ohio State University and University of Texas or 2 of 19 schools to turn a profit
The number of schools that generate revenue in excess of expenses may be as low as 10

Interscholastic Athletics- High School Sports
Interscholastic has more participants and more athletes than college sports
National Federation of High School Associatiations (NFHS): -Florida High School Athletic Association
-Minnesota State High School League
-University Interscholastic League
Athletics support the academic mission of schools
Athletics are inherently educational
Athletics foster success in later life
Conflicting (critical) views