National Flag Of Antigua And Barbuda Essay

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National Flag of Antigua and Barbuda: An Ancient Egyptian-Centered
Analysis of the Colors
Brandon Adams
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Date Adopted

February 27, 1967

Color symbolisms

Indicates energy of the people
Sun, and the sea of the Caribbean island nation
African ancestry
The sun represents the dawning of a new era

Brief Ancient Egyptian-Centered Analysis of the Colors
(Desher) was the victory color in Egypt. It was the color of life. Ancient Egyptians would paint their bodies with red and wear amulets of cornelian and deep red stone during their celebrations. They believed that Seth, the god whom was associated with desert and storms. Red was also a symbol for anger, rage and fire. The normal skin tone of Egyptian men was portrayed as red, without any negative connotation. Red paint was invented by Egyptian artists by naturally oxidized iron and red ocher together.

(Khenet, Kenit) was created by the Egyptian artisans. Both the sun and gold are yellow and shared the qualities of being imperishable, eternal and indestructible. Then skin and bones of the gods were believed to be made of gold. Thus statues of gods were often made of, or plated with gold.

: Egyptian blue (Irtiu) was made combining iron and copper oxides with silica and calcium.
This produced a rich color. Egyptians symbolized blue with the sky and water. In a cosmic sense, this extended its symbolism to the heavens and of the primeval floods. The Nile River was a symbol of blue and offerings and fertility.

(Hedj and Shesep) suggested omnipotence and purity. Due to its lack of color of simple and sacred things. The name of the holy city of Memphis. White sandals were worn at holy ceremonies. The material most commonly used for ritual objects such as small ceremonial bowls.
White was also the color of Upper Egypt. The “Nefer”, the crown of Upper Egypt was white, even though originally is was probably made of green reeds.

(Kem) Black pigments were created from carbon compounds like charcoal, burnt animal bones, soot. Egyptians symbolized black with rebirth and fertility. The association with the life and fertility is likely due to the abundance provided by the dark, black silt of the annual flooding of the

National Flag of the Bahamas: An Ancient Egyptian-Centered Analysis of the
Brandon Adams