What Is The Ways That The National Government Assist Economic Growth Within UK Businesses?

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What is the National Government?

National Government is an abstract concept referring to a coalition of some or all major political parties. They are appointed to exercise their authority, controls and administer public policy, and direct and control the action of its members.

List 7 ways that the national government assist economic growth within UK businesses?
National Governments encourage business activities through subsidiaries and providing support to them as establishment of subsidiaries further boosts the economic activity of the nation.
• Employment: The UK Government has put down some ground-rules to curb unemployment to this safety level. The Government helps those unemployed to identify jobs, and has workshops through out the country for identifying their requirement.

• Commerce Policy: The Government allows the companies to sell the product for less than Marginal cost of manufacturing/processing the product, and in turn, provides these firms with cash incentives. This promotes the product in the view of the public, hence, is favourable to the business.

• Inflation Policy: The National Government use this when the market has been in a recession, with stagnating inflation rates. On the contrary, Central banks could use recessionary monetary policies that would reduce the money supply in the Market.

• Education and training policy: Government has been giving a lot of importance to Education in the United Kingdom. These include free education, and inclusion of diverse subjects in the curriculum. This indirectly helps businesses, because, as a result of improved education, a highly skilled workforce is developed. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the business.

• Taxation Policy: The Government sets corporate tax rates for Businesses, so that they pay their taxes. This way, a Firm can make its contribution towards the society. As a result, Government uses these receipts for Economic growth and Development. Paying taxes help these businesses to streamline their processes, as a result of more efficient infrastructure and management.

• International Policy: The Government has a strong hand in building relationships with other countries. A strong relationship promotes exchange of goods between the two countries and improves bi-lateral relationships. The Government can also impose heavy excise tariffs to discourage imports, which could potentially reduce revenues of inland companies.

How does the national government help with full employment?
Government has a responsibility to restore full employment by making an "unconditional job offer" at a liveable minimum wage to all who want to work.

The Government should extend its programme of CityStrategies, which bring together the key players - councils, employers, and agencies (such as Job Centre Plus) - to develop a single plan for boosting participation in