National Honor Society Application Essay

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Growing up, I attended a very family oriented school that has helped me to grow, by exposing me to people who perform care taking roles. My involvement in different extracurricular activities helped me mature and required me to develop personal leadership, eager engagement and a connection with different people outside of my peer group. The uniqueness of my position in these social groups has supported me to shape my life. Being a part of my high-school’s basketball team since the ninth grade taught me leadership and enriched my communication skills. The guidance of my coaches encouraged me to better comprehend the best alternatives for my teammates and myself. It has nourished me to say thank you to those that put in time in my education and embolden my ideas. The time spent in basketball guided me to love many of my academic classes, such as English and mathematics, as I not only learned to keep my grades high but I enjoyed the work, and it kept enhancing my knowledge. My High-school’s team guided me to understand to drop the walls that keep me and my …show more content…
The role that I have to represent has helped me show and improve my mannerisms not only in school but in my everyday life. Being a member taught me to not doubt myself and express my opinions. The association and my peers helped me gain self esteem within myself as I gained aspiration and the knowledge to not doubt myself. Displaying my ideas helps me engage to reach my goals. When I received the certificate of being a member of National Honor Society not only did I felt proud of myself but I felt determination in accomplishing much more. Having this certificate has guided me into taking pride on my hard work and dedication. Personally, my family and friends have helped me cope with many challenges astray give me the support that I need and encourage me to secure my future