National Honor Society Essay

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There are many reasons why I would like to join the National Honor Society. I have always genuinely enjoyed doing community service work and helping people. I believe that no matter how small your act of kindness may be, it can change a life. I also wish to see a day where everyone can be themselves in a world free of hate, judgements, and misconceptions. We as humans are all in this together, like it or not, and it is our responsibility to help make others’ journeys that much easier. Secondly, I want to make the world around me a better place. I know that I cannot single-handedly change the whole world, but if I change one life or even brighten one person’s day, then I know I am doing the right thing. Third, I know that NHS can help me hone …show more content…
I have an inclination to take charge, delegate tasks, and make sure everything I am responsible for is completed and completed well. I do my best to model politeness, kindness, responsibility, and positive attitudes at all times, but especially in front of younger people. I am a librarian in Tri-M and a leader in the choir- Mr. Shelton often directs new students to me so I can help them find their place and become part of our group. I take charge at concerts for Tri-M and do everything I can to make sure the events are a success.
I have always worked hard to be a good scholar. School is important to me, and I am extremely driven towards success. I work to continue to grow and learn every day. My friends and classmates have nicknamed me such things as “the walking dictionary” and “the student teacher” because I have a desire to learn and to share my knowledge. I hope to someday continue to learn and pass on my knowledge as a teacher.
National Honor Society has interested me since sixth grade; I wanted to help make MSA a better place and to help plan our various events. Now, as a sophomore with a much better understanding of how NHS works and what it entails, I want to join more than ever. National Honor Society is a wonderful opportunity for me, and I hope I can participate in this elite