National Honor Society Research Paper

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I believe the National Honor Society program is a very honorable program where students are recognized for their academic and leadership efforts inside and outside the school. Being selected for the National Honor Society program will be a great honor for me as a student. I understand that it will be a huge responsibility because you have to be a role model for other students. I know that I have all the skills to be a true representative of the National Honor Society and to continue to uphold the standards that it represents. I wanted to talk about one of the virtuals that represents the National Honor society and that is a character. What character means to me is having high ethical standards also having a good foundation of family values I have demonstrated to show these characteristics in many ways. For example, I …show more content…
It also means being committed to my studies by not only taking high school classes but college classes as well. I understand that sometimes it gets difficult, but I know that it is going to help me achieve my career goals more rapidly. I really value education to be able to succeed in the future and it is essential for the success of my future. When talking about leadership I believe is the essence of a person even though at a young age being able to show leadership qualities by being a role model to other people. In addition, what leadership means to me is being a good person inside and outside of school or any other place. Equally important for me is upholding my values no matter how many obstacles I may be presented with. Many friends and teachers see me as a leader because I’ve always been there for them and always have a positive attitude no matter how many obstacles I may